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AlphaTel, Inc.

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    Contact Center Consulting

    Looking For Inbound, Outbound, Chat or Text Support?

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    • Let us take the guess work out of having your own call center. Whether you want to start off small or if you are ready to expand to a larger call center, we can assist. We will sit down with you and work within your budget to spec and build-out the call center that will support your business objectives.

      Telephony System – Hosted or PBX

      CRM software

      • Identify the right software to support your team

      • Integration with telephony solution

      • Data management


      • Analog or USB

      • Dual or Monaural

      • Wired or Wireless

      Cubicles – size, shape, new or used


      • Supervisor space

      • Coaching and development

      • Meetings/Privacy

      • Training space

      • Cubicle design and layout


      • Agency or employee

      • Interview or selection process

      • Forecasting

      • Training/Coaching/Development

      • Quality Assurance

      PCI Compliance – getting certification

    • We have over 30 years of experience managing phone campaigns. We have worked with local and national non-profits, educational institutions, political organizations, online retailers and education supplement companies.

      We are confident that we can support you and your efforts to launch a successful phone campaign using proven strategies. We will help you set goals and understand what needs to happen to realize a ROI. From script development to training your agents to analyzing the data, we will help you understand your customer, how to reach them and gain positive results. We will also show you how to protect your company by helping you understand the TCPA (Telephone Communication Protection Act) rules and how they apply to you

      Whether you are fundraising, providing customer service or selling a product, we’ve got the experience. Let our experts help you create a phone campaign plan.

      • Best time to call

      • Who is your customer

      • Script development

      • IVR customization

      • Fulfillment partners

      • Merchant service partners

      • Integration with your direct mail efforts

      • In-house or BPO

      • Inbound/Outbound Strategy

      • Analytics

    • Are you ready to run your own phone campaign?

      Whether your campaign is small or large, we can assist you with finding the right partner within our network of contact center partners.

      We can assist you in-house with beta testing as well as small to medium campaigns. We have partners with 100+ seats that can support large campaigns.

      Is your campaign short-term, long-term or seasonal? We have the flexibility to support all types of campaigns. We will work with you to find the right partner that fits into your budget. We will assist you with managing the campaign, understanding metrics, setting goals and analyzing the data.

      • Beta Campaigns

      • Full roll-out

      • Quick launch

      • Integration with your current direct mail efforts

      • Inbound

      • Outbound

      • Chat

      • Small to large projects

      • Short-term/Long-term/Seasonal