Non-Profit Inbound Support

At AlphaTel, we understand that every donor is important. Whether they support your organization through monetary contributions, volunteer activities or being an advocate for your organization. Our agents pride themselves on treating all callers with a high level of respect and gratitude. Our agents are dedicated and receive ongoing training to support your strategic fundraising initiatives. Our goal is to maximize the donor experience, improve conversion rates and ensure that at the end of the call your supporters feel great about their interaction with our team.

Campaigns we support:

  • Inbound Donor Support
  • Sustainer Recapture
  • Thank You Acknowledgements
  • Telephone Town Halls

What you can expect:

  • Courteous and polite interactions
  • Strict adherence to your scripting
  • Agents that are well-versed on your initiatives
  • Contribution ask on every call
  • Consistency with requesting and upgrading donor gift amount
  • Detailed reporting
  • Constant monitoring of call activity
  • Ongoing coaching and development
  • Dedicated support management
  • 100% call recording