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    Academic Support

    Looking For Inbound, Outbound, Chat or Text Support?

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    • Our goal is to increase your new student enrollment as well as your returning student numbers. Through traditional channels as well as web and social media, we have connected with students to assist them with finalizing their educational choices.

      We have strategies and solutions to help you understand your prospective students and their needs:

      • Do you have prospective students that have expressed an interest but haven’t completed the enrollment process?

      • Do you have prospective students that have not re-enrolled for the upcoming semester after successfully completely the preceding semester?

      • Do you have prospective students that are ready to take the next step to enrolling but have questions about financial aid, on-campus housing, required medical documentation or paper work requirements?

      • Do you have prospective students that want to know how you rank against their other choices?

      • Do you have prospective students that are not sure how they will pay for their education?

      We can help you answer their questions and make the decision to enroll at your institution. We can assist them with college preparation and readiness. We can help them understand the programs you have to offer from internships, work study programs, financial assistance, etc.

      We will work with you to put together and implement a strategy to reach those prospective students:

      • Social media campaigns

      • Outbound phone campaigns

      • Email campaigns

      • SMS text campaigns

    • Your alumni should be on the frontline of your fundraising efforts. After all, they have experienced all that you have to offer current and new students. They understand the needs and struggles of being a student. They understand what you as a college or university have to offer. They have a true affinity to your institution and legacy.

      Reaching your alumni can sometimes be difficult. People have moved, changed phone numbers, married and changed names. Alumni data is often spread across multiple systems, databases, and spreadsheets and usually outdated.

      Step one is solving that problem. We have solutions to fix those problems and provide you with a database in a user friendly format with up to date name, address and phone number information.

      The next step is developing a strategy to meet your fundraising goals. Our team of experts would work with you to develop fundraising programs to include 1) a monthly sustainer program where your alumni members commit to making a monthly gift, 2) an annual gift campaign for your alumni that would like to give once per year, 3) appeal campaigns to raise funds for specific needs to name a few.

      Once we have outlined a fundraising campaign plan we will work with you on a plan of execution to contact your alumni using our agents or your own internal team.

      Our work doesn’t stop there. We will provide you with daily reports along with a cumulative report to measure the success of each campaign. We will update your database with giving history. We will follow-up on unfulfilled contributions of support. Based on all of the information captured we will work together to put together a fundraising plan for the upcoming year.

    • Through virtual town hall meetings you can engage your audience over the telephone. Your audience can learn more about your current initiatives, ask questions, answer polling questions and even make donations.

      This is a great tool for:

      • Raising funds and encouraging your alumni to give

      • Discuss budgetary concerns with members of your community

      • Conduct new student orientations

      • Invite students to apply to your academic institution or convince those already accepted to enroll by giving prospective students the ability to engage in dialogue with faculty, staff, and former students.

      Contact us for a demonstration on how it works.

    • More often than not, colleges and universities don’t reach out to their community for support. While these potential donors don’t have the same affinity as an alumni member, they do have a sense of community and support organizations that contribute to the well-being of their community.

      We have access to databases that include the names, addresses and phone numbers of potential donors in your area. We will manage this database for you and it will not be shared with any other organizations.

      Our team of experts will work with you to develop a fundraising strategy that targets your community. The fundraising strategy will include programs similar to the alumni programs but with a message tailored to the community asking for their support.

      Again, we will work with you on a plan for execution for outreach to the community using our agents or your own internal team.

      We will provide you with daily reports along with a cumulative report to measure the success of each campaign. We will update your database with giving history. We will follow-up on unfulfilled contributions of support. Based on all of the information captured we will work together to put together a fundraising plan for the upcoming year.

    • Mobile communication can strengthen your relationship with your donor base. You can schedule ongoing mobile communications to keep your supporters informed, excited and ready to give. Text messages have a 99% open rate and 90% are read within three minutes. Supporters can easily subscribe to receive mobile updates by texting a keyword.

      We will develop an effective and targeted text message campaign that will not only focus on fundraising via mobile but engage members with other meaningful information about what is happening with your institution.

      We will provide you with real-time reporting to include funds raised, open rate, response rate to name a few to help you understand your online donor base.

    • Our team of experts work with you to create fundraising emails that have a compelling story that illustrates your commitment to higher education. Emails that include “success stories” are an invaluable tool. Stories that capture emotion, the importance of the work your institution is doing and how you impact the lives of your students in a positive way.

      Statistics show that 58% of adults check their emails first thing in the morning. We will make sure your fundraising emails are sending a timely, unique and compelling message with a call to action that will get money in the door. A message that shows your donor base how their contributions will help your institution meet challenges and help your students achieve their dreams.

      Emails are a cost effective way to engage your donor base and raise the necessary funds to run your institution.

      We will help you create a database with current email information to maximize response rate. We will create customized reports to show customer engagement, revenue, open rate, click rate and bounce rate.

    • We will create a crowd funding page for you. When used strategically, crowdfunding can build meaningful engagement, inform current donors as well as new donors of your work, spread your messages, and expand your donor base. Crowdfunding can amplify the value of your current donors’ diligence. In addition, if promoted the right way they will get their connections on board to mobilize a larger crowd of support. Donations by existing donors serve as proof points of an organization’s value, helping to more quickly recruit new contributors from those who trust them. Through crowdfunding you can leverage support from a wide variety of stakeholders, including beneficiaries, donors, board members, and staff. It creates an opportunity to communicate with donors directly and describe the positive impact of their support.

      Every campaign will have a specific funding goal and deadline. Your donors can pledge money to make it happen. Your goal will be visible and anyone that visits your crowdfunding page will see how well your campaign is doing. You will have real-time visibility of pledges as they come in.