Event Registration

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Let us assist you with managing your conference or seminar registration. We can assist your attendees with their phone registration, signing up for activities and answer any questions they may have. We can manage sign ups and get you the information in an organized and detailed format.

We can setup a registration CRM for you or we can use your CRM solution to complete registrations. From processing payments to answering questions and providing directions to your attendees.

We can also assist you with setting up an online registration tool. It can be integrated with your current website without disrupting your daily activities. It provides a way to manage registrations via the internet while providing online registration, online surveys and tracking of attendees. Credit card processing integration is fully supported. Reporting can be customized to track attendees’ name, demographics, event, etc.

Your phone registration and online registration data can be easily integrated for your future marketing and research needs.

Through our registration service, your attendees will get real time assistance for their registration and real time answers for their questions.

  • Answer questions
  • Phone registrations
  • Live Chat support
  • Provide directions
  • Broadcast emails
  • Post event surveys